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The Blow, pop dance 2018 à Paris18 - Paris / Foxoo
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The Blow, pop dance 2018 à Paris18

Evènement passé.

Le samedi 14 avril 2018 à Paris18.

The Blow — USA

The Blow is Melissa Dyne and Khaela Maricich. A shape-shifting entity, The Blow has taken various forms over time and manifests in an array of media, employing popular music as a vehicle for broader explorations. After several years in the studio developing new sounds and new instruments for playing them, The Blow have a new album of experimental pop music, “Brand New Abyss.” In live performances the duo performs with the same rig that they use to produce and record, a towering mothership of patched-together modular synths ancient samplers and other analog gear. 

Dyne comes from a background in installation centered on the physics of sound and light, and Maricich has worked extensively in the context of performance art; their live performances build on these foundations. Their self-titled album The Blow, released in 2013, was listed among the top-ten songs of 2013 by New York Times, and was NPR music editor Bob Boilen’s #1 album of that year. Since 2014 they have been curatingWOMANPRODUCER.com, an archive of female music producers, engineers and sonic innovators. Their performances have been presented at art centers and in traditional music venues internationally. Together Dyne and Maricich curate WOMANPRODUCER, a generative archive of female, trans and non-binary producers and sonic innovators. They live and work in New York City.
Enregistrement : https://www.facebook.com/events/1857109410988141/, http://www.digitick.com/the-blow-guest-soiree-olympic-cafe-paris-14-avril-2018-css5-olympiccafe-pg101-ri5170919.html

Olympic Café

20 rue Léon 75018 Paris
Débute à 20H30

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